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Issue 23: July 2015

Main features
The effect of mechanical ventilation and clothing on airborne microbes and wound sepsis in hospital operating rooms, Part 2
W Whyte
Abstract →

This article is the second part of a review into the importance of airborne microbe-carrying particles (MCPs) as a cause of wound sepsis after surgery. The roles of mechanical ventilation and occlusive surgical clothing in reducing airborne microbe-carrying particles (MCPs) and surgical site infections (SSIs) are discussed in this part.

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A history of isolator and containment technology
Part 4: Development of the validation of isolators
Doug Thorogood
Abstract →

This final section is devoted to the development of various validation methods conforming to GMP when applied to isolators and also a review of the methods in relation to validating the processes used in preparing for aseptic processing and sterility testing. There are brief comments on what the regulators expect

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Innovations from Getinge La Calhène
Fiona Malcolm
Regulatory reflections
Contamination control guidances under review
Tim Sandle
Exhibition report
Cleanroom Istanbul 2015 Cleanroom Technology, Maintenance and Equipment Exhibition
Koos Agricola
URSs and tenders
Tim Coles
DOP Solutions, Ecolab, 1st Annual GMP By The Sea Europe Conference, Cleanzone 2015, Cleanroom Guangzhou 2015, Validair, BioClean™, Contec, Getinge La Calhène
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