Clean Air and Containment Review

Editor: John Neiger
Publisher: Euromed Communications

Biotechnology and biosafety standards

EN Biorisk management standards

CWA 15793:2011
Laboratory biorisk management standard
CWA 16335:2011
Biosafety professional competence

Safety in laboratories

AS/NZS 2243.3-2010
Safety in laboratories Part 3: Microbiological safety and containment

Biosafety Cabinetry

NSF/ANSI 49-2018 NEW
Biosafety Cabinetry - Design, Construction, Performance, and Field Certification


BS EN 12469:2000
Performance criteria for microbiological safety cabinets
BS EN 12296:1998
Equipment. Guidance on testing procedures for cleanability
BS EN 12297:1998
Equipment. Guidance on testing procedures for sterilizability
BS EN 12298:1998
Equipment. Guidance on testing procedures for leaktightness
BS EN 13091:2000
Performance criteria for filter elements and filtration assemblies
BS EN 12128:1998
Laboratories for research, development and analysis. Containment levels of microbiology laboratories, areas of risk, localities and physical safety requirements

Microbiological safety cabinets

BS 5726:2005
Information to be supplied by the purchaser to the vendor and to the installer, and siting and use of cabinets. Recommendations and guidance